The management of ICACO SYSTEM Kft. treats quality based approach, the protection of information and compliance with the expectations of stakeholders as fundamental elements in all areas of operation. For the sake of those, the Company has a management system in place that complies with standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 for quality, and standard MSZ ISO/IEC 27001:2006 for information security purposes regarding IT services, also comprising quality management and information security control systems.
The general objectives of the operation and ongoing development of the management system of ICACO SYSTEM Kft. are as follows:
    • Continued availability and development of technical knowledge, skills and abilities required for IT services.
    • Improvement of the internal operation and efficiency of the Company by continuous development of internal processes and of the management system.
    • Full compliance with our obligations assumed in the course of the provision of our services.
    • Maintenance and further improvement of the economic value and good reputation of ICACO SYSTEM Kft.
    • Preservation of the confidentiality of partnership, employee, contractual and other business information, with special regard to the safe management of the confidential data of customers.
    • Provision of information security regarding services rendered for customers.
    • Maintenance of the information security of IT systems, provision of the ongoing operation thereof, including the securing of the conditions of teleworking services as required.
The basic aim of ICACO SYSTEM Kft. is to obtain simultaneous recognition on behalf of all stakeholders by compliance with the principles of quality and information security related policies, and by the introduction, operation and continuous development of its management system.

ISO 9001 ISO 9001 IQNet ISO 270001 ISO 27001 IQNet