The primary activity of ICACO SYSTEM Kft. is the operation and supervision of IT systems. We provide to our customers security and continuity of their normal course of business by a wide range of services, by substituting existing system administrators or relieving their work load. We do this by providing comprehensive expert support in most areas of information technology.

IT System Operation

Our service is a useful and beneficial investment for companies using IT device systems. Reliable and ongoing operations ensure to our customers for the value creating processes of their business activities to operate without any interruptions.
TroubleshootingRegular course of business is provided by way of controlled, documented and auditable systems of rules, which are implemented via servers, work stations, network devices and firewall systems. In the course of our projects, we perform the interventions required for the regular operation of the IT systems subject to our operations services in accordance with the corporate systems of rules applied by our customers. In lack thereof, we have an audited quality assurance system of rules available regarding our services.
We support the system integration of our customers’ devices, and in the event of any change to the configuration of systems we also provide consultation.
Systems supported by IT System Operation:
  • Microsoft Windows Server systems
  • Microsoft Windows Server backoffice systems
  • Checkpoint, Mikrotik, Fortinet, Cisco - firewall and VPN systems
  • Hyper-V, VMware virtualization
  • ESET - data security systems
  • HP, DELL, IBM server systems
  • Mikrotik network systems
Server Graph Checkpoint Log

Implementation of availability

By our availability the accessibility of systems will be increased, and for the prevention of potential errors, technical support is available subject to increased level reaction time, by way of remote or on-site intervention.
IcingaOur IT Supervision System is automated, and supports our work in an automated manner, controlled by events. We provide professional fault reporting options, such as dedicated mail, dedicated fault reporting phone line, processes that can be monitored via web interface. Due to our integrated system, our experts are able to immediately commence work on the tasks to be addressed.
  • We provide specific availability by remote intervention (depending on service levels, even within 1 hour).
  • We provide specific availability by on-site intervention (depending on service levels, even within 2 hours).
  • Our services may be extended subject to availability provided 24/7.
  • In order to quickly eliminate critical problems, we have dedicated technical staff available, with direct contact option.
  • In the case of units of key importance we use reserve devices/equipment that are immediately available in order to provide for the continuity of the normal course of business.